Mischaël Modrikamen is a member of the French speaking Brussels Bar (“Avocat au Barreau de Bruxelles”). He is submitted to the ethical rules of the Bar (“Code de déontologie”). He is operating through the SRL Modrikamen registered at the BCE under N° BE 0472.061.188 with registered seat Avenue du Houx 42, 1170 Brussels.  He provides legal services in the broadest sense of the term to his clients.

Mischaël Modrikamen’s fees are agreed with the client at the beginning of his services under the form of hourly rates or a by fixed amount eventually combined with a success fee contingent to the realization of certain objectives.

The fees cover all administrative cost with the exception of judiciary costs, recourse to third parties services or international travel costs that are invoiced separately.  Fees and costs are payable within 8 days of their invoicing.

Mischaël Modrikamen’s professional responsibility is covered by a collective insurance subscribed by the Brussels Bar with Ethias rue des Croisiers 24 à 4000 Liège under N° 45.118.401 and by a second rank insurance subscribed with Ethias and AIG Europe, Boulevard de la Plaine 11, 1050 Brussels under N° 45191234186 and a third rank insurance subscribed with AIG Europe and HDI Gerling Assurances Avenue de Tervueren 273, 1150 Brussels under N° 607203523062. These policies cover the entire world with the exception of claims introduced in Canada or USA or under their laws.

Modrikamen’s professional responsibility is limited to the amounts covered by such insurances and to the extent that insurance companies actually accept or are  forced to cover any damage by way of justice.