Doctors and health professionals, you are on the front line to treat Covid patients. Let’s remember these strong images where you were applauded every evening by the grateful Belgian population!

However, if you refuse the vaccine, you risk losing your job in the fall. Certainly, we are assured that the law on compulsory vaccination will only come into force if circumstances make it necessary.

But at the slightest resumption of the epidemic, Minister Vandenbroucke will come through in force. Don’t doubt it.

Tens of thousands of doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, therapists, nurses and care staff risk losing their jobs, without compensation! It is an injustice and it will be a disaster for our health system.

This law violates your most fundamental rights: the constitution but also international conventions. It does not consider individual immunity, acquired naturally. And vaccination does not prevent the transmission of the virus, which is the stated objective of the law which is to “protect patients”.

During this crisis, the College of Physicians also stepped out of its role. He decided to promote vaccination with a circular and to attack doctors who question the effectiveness of vaccines or warn against side effects, which are increasingly evident. Some doctors are prosecuted and already suspended or terminated.

The doctors who practice their art, as soon as the symptoms of Covid appear, by following protocols whose effectiveness many studies show, are harassed or stigmatized.

All of this is unacceptable from a legal and ethical point of view.

It is the doctor and health professionals who treat the patient, not the Order, the state or public or private international organizations!

Alone, you are relatively powerless against institutions, which do not hesitate to intimidate and harass you. And remedies are expensive.

This is why health professionals & doctors have asked me to ensure their collective defense.

Against the compulsory vaccination law, of course. To prevent it from entering into force and to have it canceled if necessary.

Against the Order of Physicians who abused their prerogatives. So that it reconsiders its positions and that it incorporates the interests of the doctors who compose it, following the abuses observed.

If you are a healthcare professional, you too can join these actions.

You will be defended for a few hundred euros and you will be able to make your voice heard before institutions and the state, and if necessary through legal action.

You can register online at This is a secure platform. You will be able to read the conditions of my intervention and fill in and file the useful documents.

Now is the time to act!
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