If you are in business, a catering activity, a contact profession, a performance or cultural activity, the lockdowns and other restrictive measures have hit you hard. Overnight, you had to close shop or stop your business.

For the first time in the history of humanity, we imposed the confinement of the healthy and the lockdown. Historically, it was only the sick that we isolated!

However, the lockdowns and forced closures have had no significant influence on the circulation of the virus or the reduction in mortality, which is very low. Sweden and Florida have kept their economies open, without worsening the situation, on the contrary.

Recent serious studies show that lockdowns are useless!

Remember, moreover, the unacceptable remarks of Minister Vandenbroucke for whom the lockdown of autumn 2020 was only there to create a shock in public opinion. In other words, nothing justified it to fight against the epidemic!

You have therefore been imposed closures and restrictions for no reason resulting in loss of income, seeing the disappearance of your activities and a lot of personal drama. And this often, for the benefit of disincarnate multinationals.

It was above all the Belgian middle class, the self-employed, who had to bear the full economic burden of the restrictions. And Belgians have been deprived of essential social contacts, physical activity, culture, etc.

These measures were illegal, disproportionate and ultimately unjustified.

The state has certainly put support mechanisms in place. But they are low and far from compensating for the losses incurred. Many companies are struggling to keep their heads above water.

This is why I have been asked to defend you collectively.

In order to seek legal compensation for the damage that has been inflicted on you, we will therefore sue those who, in Belgium or internationally, have advised or implemented these measures.

The damage will be calculated on your loss of earnings in 2020 and 2021, compared to 2019, taking into account the compensation received from the state or the reductions in wages and social charges obtained, following temporary unemployment.

I will be your lawyer and I will lead the fight as I have done in the past for the great causes that I have defended.

Acting together makes it possible to limit the cost of the procedures to a few hundred and at most a few thousand euros for you, at most.

It is time for you to act!

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